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Offre de post-doctorat en modélisation biophysique
A postdoctoral position is offered to model the thermo-hydroregulation behavior and physiology at the organismal level and predict consequences for population dynamics and climate niche of terrestrial ectotherms. The postdoc will be employed in Jean-François Le Galliards’s laboratory in Paris, and will interact closely with Olivier Lourdais at CNRS Chizé and Jean Clobert at CNRS Moulis. The project is part of a four-years long ANR-funded research program to improve general understanding of the interactive effects of temperature and water constraints on the ecology of squamate reptiles. This program currently involves 4 partner institutions, 9 permanent researchers, 3 post-docs and 2 PhD students.
The postdoc will engage in modeling activities of the thermo-hydroregulation behavior and physiology of a general ectotherm species. He/she will subsequently use methods from biophysical ecology to construct mechanistic models of the population dynamics and climate niche of lizard and snake species from our labs. The mechanistic models will be used to investigate the ecological consequences of trade-offs between hydroregulation and thermoregulation, of acclimation responses and of geographic variation in functional traits, but ambition and capacity to address independent questions is welcome. The postdoc will also be encouraged to join laboratory and field studies of thermo-hydroregulation strategies with other collaborators of this project.
The successful candidate will be recruited by Sorbonne Université at at Paris Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences for a 2 years long period starting from November 2019. He/she will be supervised by CNRS Researcher Jean-François Le Galliard in one of the most prestigious ecology lab from France and a vibrant campus and city . Our research program also involves the CEREEP-Ecotron IleDeFrance research center (Saint-Pierre-lès-Nemours), CEBC laboratory (Chizé) and SETE Moulis (Saint Girons) research center. The post-doctoral fellow is thus expected to work in an interdisciplinary and lively research environment and will contribute to a national collaborative program.
Candidates should meet the following requirements (1) have a PhD in ecology, ecophysiology, or a related field; (2) demonstrated experience in theoretical ecology and programming, (3) a background in biophysical ecology, (4) a successful publication record and (5) be creative and independent. Candidates are welcome to come with their own ideas provided they are feasible during the time frame of the project.
Terms and salary
The position is available for a period of two years starting preferably in November-December 2019. Gross salary is ca. €2,900 per month. Review of applications will begin as soon as candidates are applying and continue until the position is filled. The initial appointment is for 24 months with potential renewal contingent on additional funding.
How to proceed
Applications should be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Applications should include a single pdf file with a curriculum vitae including a full list of publications, a cover letter with a brief description of skills and research interests, and contact details and recommendation letters from 1 to 3 referees. Sorbonne University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer committed to excellence through diversity. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.