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Photograph of J.-F. Le Galliard

Birth date: 30/06/1976
Born in Vannes, Morbihan, France

Research experience

2014-present. Researcher (CR1, CNRS) at the UMR 7618 of the University of Paris 6 (France). 

2010-present. Director of the CEREEP-Ecotron Ile de France (UMS 3194, CNRS-ENS). 

2010-2013. Researcher (CR1, CNRS) at the UMR 7625 of the University of Paris 6 (France).

2008-2010. Executive director of the CEREEP-Ecotron Ile de France (UMS 3194, CNRS-ENS).

2006-2009. Researcher (CR2, CNRS) at the UMR 7625 of the University of Paris 6 (France).

2004-2006. Post-doctoral position at the CEES of the University of Oslo (Norway) on the project "Living in fragmented habitats: demographic causes and consequences of dispersal in the root vole Microtus oeconomus". Supervision: Pr. N. C. Stenseth.

1999-2003. PhD position at the Ecology Department of the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris (France) on the project "Social interactions and dispersal in spatially structured populations". Supervision: Pr. R. Ferrière and Dr. J. Clobert. Awarded with honours.

First semester 1999. Master research in Evolutionary Ecology. Research report on "Local competition, cooperation and dispersal". Supervision: Pr. R. Ferrière.

June-September 1997. Bachelor research internship at the Marine Observatory in Roscoff (France) on the project "Characterisation of the genetic diversity in the marine photosynthetic prokaryote Prochlorococcus". Supervision: Dr. F. Partensky.


2006. Level 1 Diploma in Animal Experimentation at the GRETA.

1999-2003. PhD Thesis at the University of Paris VI. Supervision: Pr. R. Ferrière. Awarded with honours.

1996-1999. Biology & Biochemistry Magistere (Paris). Degree: Bachelor and Master in Evolutionary Ecology (Paris VI). Awarded with honours.

1996. Admission at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Biology track (national competitive examination).

1994-1996. Preparatory classes, Biology-Physics-Mathematics track (Rennes, France).

1994. Mathematics-physics secondary school certificate. Awarded with honours.


2018-2021. ANR Funding "Rôles de la régulation hydrique et thermique dans les réponses écologiques au changement climatique".

2016-2019. Ecole normale supérieure funding for PhD grant "Optimisation de la thermorégulation chez les ectothermes". Co-PI with Jean Clobert.

2013-2016. Région Ile-de-France DIM Investment funding. R2DS Network. CLASSE-IDF project. Project coordinated by CEREEP-Ecotron IleDeFrance in collaboration with BIOEMCO, ESE, and Eco-Evo laboratories.

2013-2016. Ecole Doctorale Diversité du Vivant funding for a PhD grant "Plasticité et intégration des comportements de dispersion à l'histoire de vie". Co-PI with Thomas Tully.

2013-2016. ANR Funding "Dégradation de l’habitat et stress hormonal : combiner théorie physiologique et biologie de la conservation". PI: Sandrine Meylan.

2012-2013. FEDER Funding for equipments of "Ecotron IleDeFrance". PI. Project supported by CNRS and Ecole normale supérieure within the framework of TGIR Ecotrons program.

2012-2020. ANR Infrastructure Nationale en Biologie-Santé. Funding "Analysis and experimentation on ecosystems - Services" (ANAEE-S). Co-PI with 11 partners. Project supported by CNRS, INRA, and Université Joseph Fourier within the framework of a network of research infrastructures.

2011-2015. Région Ile-de-France DIM Investment funding. R2DS Network. Ecotron IleDeFrance project. Coordinator and PI of the project with laboratory Eco-Evo, BIOEMCO, ESE, and Institut d'Environnement Ens.

2011-2020. ANR Equipex Funding "PLAteforme expérimentale Nationale d'écologie AQUAtique" (PLANAQUA). Coordinator and Co-PI with Gérard Lacroix, Florence Hulot, Chris Bowler and Vincent Médoc. Project supported by Ecole Normale Supérieure, CNRS INEE, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, and Université Paris Sud.

2010-2013. Ecole Doctorale Diversité du Vivant funding for a PhD grant "Polymorphisme de coloration chez les reptiles". Co-PI with Sandrine Meylan.

2010-2011. Host of the CONICYT funded project of Paulina Artacho (Chile).

2008-2011. R2DS Funding "Vulnérabilité des petites populations naturelles : approches expérimentales et prédictives des mécanismes d’extinction". Co-PI with Régis Ferrière, David Claessen and Olivier Renault.

2008-2011. ANR Funding "Mécanismes d'extinction dans les petites populations". PI.

2007-2009. CNRS Funding dedicated to a research collaboration with USA. Co-PI with Jean Clobert. 

2006. Aurora Funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the CEES at the University of Oslo (Norway). PI.

2005. NERC Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen. Rebuted in favour of a pemanent position at the CNRS in France. 

2004-2006. Marie-Curie Fellowship at the University of Oslo, Norway (Contract number 501658) supported by the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Community. PI.

2002-2006. Research grant from the Ministry of Research (Research Observatory of the Environment). “Long term integrative study of the impact of global warming on population functioning”. PI: Manuel Massot.

2001-2003. Training grants from the European Research Training Network ModLife (Modern Life-History Theory and its Application to the Management of Natural Resources), supported by the Fifth Framework Programme of the European Community (Contract Number HPRN-CT-2000-00051). PI: Ulf Dieckmann.

2001-2004. Research grant from the program “Biological invasion” of the Ministry of Environment (Contract Number 01119). PI: Régis Ferrière.

2001. Travelling grant from the European Science Foundation, Theoretical Biology of Adaptation program. PI.

2000-2003. Doctoral grant from the French Ministry of Research and Technologies.

Awards, Membership and Symposiums

2014. Bronze Medal of the CNRS (section 29, ecology and evolution).

2012. Invited keynote speaker at Ecology-Behavior Meeting (Chizé).

2012-present. Associate Editor at Oecologia.

2010. Invited keynote speaker at Ecology-Behavior Meeting (Tours).

2007. Invited keynote speaker at the Benelux Congress of Zoology (Amsterdam). 

2007-2010. Scientific Comittee of the MAB Biosphere Reserve "Pays de Fontainebleau".

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