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Experimental Metapopulations Workshop

"Experimental Metapopulations Workshop"

An ESF Congen Workshop - December 7-9, 2006 - Montpellier, France

An ESF ConGen workshop on "Experimental metapopulations" has taken place on December 7-9 2006, Montpellier France.

Most species live in fragmented habitats, and many are threatened by fragmentation. The ecological and evolutionary consequences of fragmentation have motivated the flourishing of metapopulation theoretical studies, with little empirical testing, partly because of the difficulty of manipulating metapopulations in nature. Artificial or semi-natural metapopulations may help overcome some of these difficulties and may provide powerful tools to evaluate our understanding of evolutionary and ecological processes in spatially structured systems. The main rationale for this workshop is our belief that experimental simple systems will help to overcome many difficulties encountered in empirical studies of metapopulations, will increase our understanding of metapopulation biology and help testing the theory. We wish to encourage the development of manipulative empirical studies in the field of metapopulation biology. One of the prime aim of this workshop would be to foster the development of new projects in this area.
I gave a short talk and presented a poster . You are most welcome to go through both of them !
The REsearch Centre for Experimental and Predictive Ecology (RECEPE) is under construction and will be dedicated to xperimental and theoretical studies on biodiversity, global changes and habitat fragmentation. Complementary experimental and numerical platforms will be used to explore fundamental and applied problems in ecology, such as the
  1. structure, dynamics and function of biodiversity
  2. dynamics of interaction networks and of nutrient cycles in coevolving communities
  3. ecological and evolutionary responses of ecological networks to environmental forcing
  4. predictability of ecological responses to climate changes and habitat fragmentation

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