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Symposium issue in EER
dimanche, 02 mars 2008

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February 2008 Symposium collection in Evolutionary Ecology Research

Natural and sexual selection on biomechanics: an integrative approach

(Duncan Irschick & Jean-François Le Galliard, eds)


On the 20th of July 2007, D. Irschick and I chaired a symposium on "NATURAL AND SEXUAL SELECTION ON BIOMECHANICS: AN INTEGRATIVE APPROACH" for the ICVM in Paris. The talks of this symposium are now available in a special issue of Evolutionary Ecology Research kindly supervised by Pr. Michael Rosenzweig. This special issue includes the following articles and can be accessed at the EER website
D. Irschick & J.F. Le Galliard 
J. Husak & S. Fox
D. Irschick & J. Meyers
J.F. Le Galliard & R. Ferriere
J. Kingsolver & R. Huey
R. Calsbeek
R. Van Damme, P. Entin, B. Vanhooydonck & A. Herrel
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