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Jean-Francois Le Galliard

Researcher in Evolutionary Population Biology and Behavioural Ecology

Currently employed by the CNRS in France

Director of CEREEP-Ecotron IleDeFrance






I am a population ecologist and evolutionary biologist interested in understanding the diversity of life history strategies and the wide variety of behavioral tactics that animals use to survive and reproduce in their changing environment. After a scolarship at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, i attended the master program of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology at the University of Paris 6 and did my PhD project under the supervision of Prof. Régis Ferrière and Dr. Jean Clober. During this project, I was regularly travelling to Austria (IIASA, ADN program) where I collaborated with Dr. Ulf Dieckmann. My thesis investigated the evolution of social behaviors in spatially structured populations and involved both theoretical and empirical approaches. After my doctoral studies, I got a Marie-Curie Fellowship to work at the CEES in Oslo, Norway, in the research group of Prof. Nils Christian Stenseth. During two years, I was the research manager of alarge scale experimental facility developed by Prof. Rolf Ims at Evenstad. My projects aimed at a better understanding of the interplay between dispersal and population demography in metapopulations of a small mammal species.  Sincethe beginning of 2006, I am a permanent researcher at the CNRS, now affiliated to the UMR 7618 (iEES Paris). My research projects deal with evolutionary population and behavioural ecology and involve various projects with lizards, snakes, small mammals, and even now collembola. Since 2010, I am the science director of a field station and research center called CEREEP-Ecotron IleDeFrance and located outside Paris. This is a place where we develop modern infrastructures dedicated to experimental ecology.


Selected recent publications

1. Dupoué, A., Rutschmann, A., Le Galliard, J-F., Clobert, J., Angelier, F., Marciau, C., Ruault, S., Miles, D.B. and Meylan S. 2017. Shorter telomeres precede population extinction in wild lizards. Scientific Reports 7:16976.

2. Rutschmann, A., Miles, D. B., Le Galliard, J.-F., Richard, M., Moulherat, S., Sinervo, B. and J. Clobert. 2016. Climate and habitat interact to shape the thermal reaction norms of breeding phenology across lizard populations. Journal of Animal Ecology 85(2):457-466.

3. Le Galliard, J.-F., Paquet, M. and M. Mugabo. 2015. An experimental test of density-dependent selection on temperament traits of activity, boldness and sociability. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 28(5):1144-1155

4. Verdier, B., Jouanneau, I., Simonnet, B., Rabin, C., Van Dooren, T., Delpierre, N., Clobert, J., Abbadie, L., Ferrière, R. and J.-F. Le Galliard. 2014. Climate and Atmosphere Simulator for Experiments on Ecological Systems in Changing Environments. Environmental Science and Technology 48(15):8744-8753

5. Baron, J.-P., Le Galliard, J.-F., Ferrière, R. and T. Tully. 2013. Intermittent breeding and the dynamics of ressource allocation to growth, reproduction and survival. Functional Ecology 27(1):173-183.


On this website, you will find updated news, informations on the ongoing research done in my lab, as well as a free access to my publications and teaching documents. You are most welcome to contact me if you want to join my research group or just need more information.

Have a nice visit and hope to hear from you soon !

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