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Nuit des Sciences , Ecole normale supérieure (Juin 2014)

Inauguration Planaqua, CEREEP-Ecotron IleDeFrance (Mai 2014)

Projet départemental de territoire, Film du Conseil général de Seine-et-Marne (Janvier 2013)

Création du site web d'AnaEE-Services (Janvier 2013)

Les avantages d'une reproduction intermittente, Communiqué de Presse du CNRS (Novembre 2012)

Fête de la Science 2012 CEREEP-Ecotron IleDeFrance, deux journées d'animation (Octobre 2012)

Remise du cristal du CNRS à Bruno Verdier, repris sur le web (Mai 2012)

Visite du Préfet de Seine-et-Marne au CEREEP-Ecotron IleDeFrance (Janvier 2012)

Seine-et-Marne Développement, numéro 20 de la revue Trajectoires (April 2011)

Visit of the French Ministry of Research, CEREEP-Ecotron IleDeFrance (February 2011)

Public conference at the Fête de la Science organized by UMS 3194 (November 26 2009)
Research on sexual selection highlighted in "Het penisduel" by Willy van Strien (van Stockum Press , September 2009)
Faculty of 1000 Recommended evaluation for "Informed dispersal, heterogeneity in animal dispersal syndromes and the dynamics of spatially structured populations" (Faculty of 1000, March 2009)
New web plateform for the CEREEP - ECOTRON Ile de France (January 2008)
Naissance du CEREEP - Ecotron Ile de France (ENS Info, December 2007)
The research center attracts attention from the french press (Le Point, May 2007)
Sexual conflicts highlighted by a swiss radio (Le Journal du Dimanche, RealPlayer file, September 2006)
New web plateform for the research group (June 2006)
Faculty of 1000 Must Read evaluation for "Conflict over multiple-partner mating between males and females of the polygynandrous common lizards" (Faculty of 1000, February 2006)
Faculty of 1000 Recommended evaluation for "Sex ratio bias, male aggression and population collapse" (Faculty of 1000, December 2005)
Ganging up on the girls (ScienceNow, November 2005)
Too many males. A fast line to extinction? (National Geographic News, November 2005)
La parité protège l'espèce (Le Journal du CNRS, 2005)
Born to run (Journal of Experimental Biology, March 2005)
Lizards helps explain survival of the not-so-fittest (National Geographic News , November 2004)
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